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  • L.A. Engineer

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    Job Objective

    The allocation of certifying staff to designated maintenance tasks in Line and Base maintenance is the responsibility of the LAE Engineer A&C, who controls production and maintenance.  On allocation to a task, certifying staff are responsible to the relevant supervisor for


    Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities


    •     Ensure that maintenance tasks are carried out in a safe and efficient manner.
    •     Supervise technicians and operatives in the performance of their duties.
    •     Ensure that all tasks are carried out in accordance with the Company's standards and procedures.
    •     Complete the documentation for nominated tasks.
    •     Advise supervisory staff of concerns regarding defects, safety and procedures
    •     Ensure that secondary duties are carried out in a safe and efficient manner and that good housekeeping standards are maintained in nominated areas.
    •     Ensure that the equipment used during maintenance is returned to designated areas on completion of the task(s).
    •     Issue certifications within the scope of authorisations held and in accordance with Company procedures.
    •     Actively encourage practices that promote flight safety during his daily activities.
    •     Act as supervisor when requested or required.
    •     Any other duties as required by direct Supervisor.

    Qualifications, Experience & Skills


    • Holder of AME License which is acceptable to the QCAA for issuance of authorization.
    • Type course on GHC aircraft issued by Part 147 organization, including practical element.
    • Must be able to gain QCAA license within 12 months of first authorization issue.


    • A minimum of 5 years helicopter experience as a LAE.
    • A minimum of 3 years’ experience on type(s) operated by Gulf Helicopters.
    • Previous experience within offshore oil and gas operations preferred, but not essential.



    Solid understanding of aircrafts

    Strong technical knowledge related to various types of aircrafts


  • Co-Pilot

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    Job Objective

    Responsible to the Aircraft Captain for the safe and efficient conduct of the flight. In the event of the incapacitation of the Captain, the Co-pilot will assume command.  The Co-pilot’s Departmental Head to whom he is responsible when not reporting directly to a Captain, is his Base Senior Pilot or, if none is assigned, the Fleet Captain or OM.


    Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities


    • Maintain familiarity with relevant QATAR and International air legislation and agreed aviation practices and procedures.
    • Maintain familiarity with such provisions of the Company Operations Manual as are necessary to fulfil his function.
    • Assist the Captain as requested, concerning administrative duties in relation to the flight; and
    • Support the Captain in the maintenance of a proper standard of crew discipline, conduct and personal appearance.
    • Carry out such duties concerning the flight, in accordance with Company Standard Operating Procedures, including procedures, limitations and performance relating to the specific helicopter type, as are allocated to him by the Captain.
    • Confirm the safe navigation of the helicopter, maintaining a continuous and independent check upon both the geographical position of the helicopter and its safe terrain clearance.
    • Volunteer such advice, information and assistance to the Captain, as may contribute favourably towards the safe and efficient conduct of the flight.
    • Seek and receive such information and/or explanation from the Captain, as may be necessary to enable the First Officer to fulfil his function.
    • Alert the Captain at anytime the Co-Pilot considers that the Aircraft flight profile is in non-compliance with Company Standard Operating Procedures, a laid down parameter is likely to be exceeded, or at any stage the safe conduct of the flight in danger of being compromised.
    • Maintain a high personal standard of discipline, conduct and appearance as a representative of the Company.
    • Support the Captain, by active example, in the development and maintenance of a high standard of professional expertise and morale amongst the crew, when carried.
    • On a flight where a cabin crew member is not carried, his responsibilities are those appropriate to the task as detailed above.
    • Co-Pilot should be competent to handle the aircraft during certain phases of flight on instruction from the Captain. During such phases of flight, the Captain will carry out the Co-Pilot duties but still hold full command responsibility. Due to their inexperience Co-Pilot will not have the same handling standards as fully qualified Captains and it is in their interest to handle the aircraft as often as possible. The following is a guide to Captains giving Co-Pilot handling experience.


    • Captains may, at their discretion, allow Co-Pilot to take the controls during take-off.


    • Captains should when practicable give Co-Pilot experience of handling the aircraft en-route, however, prior to handing over control, a briefing should be given that in the event of an emergency, the control of the aircraft will normally revert to the Captain.


    • Captains may, at their discretion, allow Co-Pilot to make the approach and landing. However, the Captain should retain control, should an approach and landing be necessary in conditions approaching normal limitations. (e.g. Gusting wind, marginal deck space, or heavy seas when landing on a ship.)


    • Co-Pilot should be encouraged to give the normal briefs as contained in the relevant OM-Part B if they are handling the aircraft, but this brief must be followed by a Captain’s brief, to ensure that any decision to continue, or abort a landing or take-off is made by the Captain.

    Training Flights

    • For the purpose of training flights Co-Pilot are permitted to carry out unrestricted take-offs and landings under supervision of a Company Check Captain or TRI/TRE
    • Perform any other duty as assigned by the Aircraft Captain


    Performance Indicators

    • Number of Air Safety Incidents per 1000 Flight Hours
    • Number of aircraft non -compliance
    • Number of complaints received from Pilot
    • Number of flying hours per year


    Communications & Working Relationships


    • Operations


    • Clients
    • Customers
    • Regulating Authorities/Governmental Institutions

    Required Qualifications and Experience for AW139 - AW189 Co-Pilot:


    • Offshore, or similar experience, is preferred.
    • ICAO or EASA CPL/IR + ATPL Theory or frozen ATPL with IR
    • Must hold a valid Class 1 Medical
    • Total Flight 500 Hours
    • Total Time Multi Engine Aircraft 500 Flights Hours
    • Total Time PIC Helicopters 100 Flight Hours
    • Must have a valid AW139 rating and 50 hours on type.
    • ELP4 or higher


  • Legal Assistant / Paralegal

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    Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

    Conduct ad-hoc legal research, reviewing and drafting simple legal documents, and providing support with general legal secretarial matters;

    Research regulations, laws, and legal articles to assist with the preparation of reports, case files, and legal advice.

    Work on compliance-related matters.

    Attend telephone calls, take messages, and handle correspondence in an organised manner.

    Maintain a calendar and record of all meetings, ensure meetings are effectively organised and minuted

    Maintain an effective filing system for managing contracts and related documentation for ensuring ease of access. Ensure that all department manuals are up to date. Scan all documents processed by the department, Archive files, etc.

    Liaise with various stakeholders to ensure accurate tracking of contracts.

    Manage visitors in an organised manner.

    Order and maintain adequate office stationery.

    Organize and coordinate conferences and travel arrangements as requested.

    Perform any other duty as assigned by the direct supervisor/manager


    Performance Indicators:

    Timely and reliable legal research.

    Maintenance of accurate records of all department activities

    Effective meetings management and action point follow-up

    Effective filing and retrieval system


    Qualifications, Experience & Skills


    • LLB Degree from a reputable University.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Arabic is a plus.
    • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience, either in-house or law firm.

    Job-Specific Skills:

    • Good Interpersonal skills, Attention to detail
    • Computer Skills (MS Office - Word / Excel / PowerPoint)


  • Airworthiness Compliance Engineer

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    Job Objective

    The objective of this role is to ensure that all GHC issued airworthiness documents are processed in a manner that is fully compliance with the regulatory requirements and meets GHC compliance standards.


    Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities


    • Ensure all GHC Approved Maintenance Programs are up to date and complying with all OEM's and the competent authority requirements.
    • Ensure all GHC Approved Maintenance Program requirements are implemented in to the Company compliance system.
    • Ensure all the assessments of Technical Literature issued by Aircraft and Engine Manufacturers, Vendors and Airworthiness Authorities, are implemented accordingly to ensure Flight Safety and continued Airworthiness of Company aircraft.
    • Transpose all CAMO Airworthiness instructions to Part 145, in to the appropriate compliance form as required.
    • Punctually complete all Company MOR's and ASR's for engineering content and take the necessary action to prevent a re-occurrence. This function is to be carried out in conjunction with Director of QCM&HSE, CA Manager, Technical Services and Reliability Manager.
    • Punctually review the department audit reports, investigate the findings and recommend corrective action.
    • Identify and take necessary action with regard to defects likely to compromise Flight Safety.
    • Review requests for amendments to Company Technical Publications for validity and making recommendations to the QCM&HSE department (Quality Compliance Monitoring and Health Safety Environment) for amendment incorporation, as appropriate.
    • Support the ARC renewal and extension recommendation review.
    • Maintaining an accurate recording and filing system to ensure that any relevant information regarding past and present projects is readily identified for consideration in any new arising.
    • Liaison with third party customers on technical issues as and when required.
    • To carry out any other appropriate duties as detailed by the Continuing Airworthiness Manager or Technical Services and Reliability Manager.


    Key Performance Indicators

    • Reliability Improvements - Number of modifications to resolve system / part reliability issues (accepted by OEM/Implemented).
    • AMP improvement - Number of AMP improvements to resolve operation issues based from reliability data.
    • HUMS vs AMP - Number of HUMS data analyses recommendation resulted in AMP improvement.
    • EPAC vs AMP - Number of EPAC data analyses recommendation resulted in AMP improvement.
    • AMP update - Average number of days consumed to complete the AMP update and implementation (excluding number of days taken by the QCAA for approval).
    • AD/ASB circulation - Average number of days consumed to complete the AD/ASB circulation.
    • Worksheets update - Average number of days consumed to complete worksheets update
    • Non-mandatory maintenance data circulation - Average number of days consumed to complete the Non-mandatory maintenance data circulation.
    • Non-mandatory maintenance data back log - Percentage of completed data circulation.
    • ASR/MEMS/VR/audit reports - Respond to ASR/MEMS/VR/audit reports on time.



    Qualifications & Experience


        Licensed A&C or Avionics Engineer (B1, B1.3 or B2) with a minimum of 7 years of experience, preferred but not necessarily on Company Type(s) and holding the relevant ratings.


        Academic degree in technical discipline from a university or other higher educational institution, with minimum of 3 years of experience in continuing airworthiness environment. 


        Minimum of 2 years in a similar position.



    • A good working knowledge and experience of windows-based computer programmes including those used for trend monitoring
    • A good working knowledge and experience on continuing airworthiness management software.
    • Experience in Continuing Airworthiness Management environment.
    • Experience of working in a multi-cultural environment and being part of a team.
    • Working knowledge of defect reporting and compiling compliance documents.