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  • Quality Assurance Engineer

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    Job Objective


    Implementing the Compliance Monitoring Manual procedures and enhancing the GHC system to comply with the Regulatory and Aviation Safety Standards.


    Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities Description


    • Preparing, monitoring and updating the annual audit plans for the CAMO, the Maintenance Organization, Maintenance Training Organization and Military Projects.
    • Performing audit reviews and ensuring the compliance with regulatory requirements and other military standards.
    • Conducting Investigations and drafting reports in accordance with ICAO Annex 13.
    • Reviewing the manual amendments after submitting to him / her by the responsible manager. In the absence of the Director of QCM&HSE, submitting these manuals to the Authority for approval.
    • Reviewing Company and Departmental procedures for effectiveness and validity, submitting revisions or proposals as required.
    • Performing internal audits at CAMO, Maintenance Organization, Maintenance Training Organization and Military Projects as follows:
    • Performing audits in order to comply with the Company audit programme.
    • Liaise with the departmental heads or supervisors in the planning of each audit.
    • Provide the departmental head or supervisor with details of findings on completion of the audit, agreeing a timescale for the rectification of findings.
    • Following up in the agreed period, to review progress of rectification action and closure of the finding.
    • Performing external Audits whenever required in accordance with the Compliance Monitoring Manual.
    • Perform aircraft and product audits and inspections.
    • Perform the assessment of “MEMS” Part A submissions. Follow “MEMS” Part B investigations, as required.
    • Prepares Safety recommendations and Quality circulars.
    • Monitoring and ensuring compliance with the ISO 9001 approval.
    • Performing Compliance Monitoring tasks as required by the Director of QCM&HSE
    • Any such other duties that may be requested by the Director of QCM&HSE or described in this manual.
    • As nominated and approved by the QCAA to deputise the Director of QCM&HSE, in his absence
    • Categorization of Certification Maintenance Review (CMR) discrepancies and for the final issuance of the CMR certificate after evaluating all the closed discrepancies. Performance Indicators
    • Number of internal and external audits conducted
    • Number of Safety recommendations proposed per year
    • Number of MEMS, or and MORs, and or investigations reviewed per year
    • Number of CMRs review

      Qualifications, Experience & SkillsQualifications:

    • Holder of an EASA or QCAA part 66 license cat B1 and/or B2 for more than 5 years.
    • The following will be added advantages:
    • Degree in Engineering.
    • Post Graduate Degree will be an added advantage
    • Any Engineering Military License/Authorization


    • Minimum 5-year experience as a certifying staff exercising the privileges arising from the EASA or QCAA Part 66 license.
    • Minimum of 2-year experience in Quality and/or Safety departments.
    • Military and/or CAMO experience is an extra asset.


    • Minimum of 5-year civil aviation experience as a certifying staff exercising the privileges arising from the EASA or QCAA Part 66 license
    • Minimum of 3-year experience in Civil Aviation industry as Airworthiness Inspector or Air Accident Investigator or other similar position.
    • Military and/or CAMO experience is an extra asset.


    Job-Specific Skills:

    • Audit techniques or Auditor Training
    • Good knowledge of SMS
    • Good knowledge of QCAR/EASA and FAA regulations for maintenance organizations.
    • Good knowledge of Part M, Part 145 and Part 147
    • Part M and Part 145 training courses
    • Good knowledge of investigation technique with relevant training
    • Good level of awareness of Organization's operations including projects and initiatives
    • Ability to communicate to various levels within organizations
    • Experience record within QA in a similar sized company within a similar industry
    • Experience in Military Maintenance and Quality Systems.

    Decision Making Authority>

    • Recommend corrective actions related to engineering activities (e.g. type of activities GHC could perform to ensure corrective measurements and actions are done)
    • Initiate policies into best practices with regards to all QCM&HSE policies, processes and procedures
    • Recommend improvements to business and departmental Key Performance Indicator

    Behavioral Competencies Description

    • Idea and Initiative Development
    • Proactive
    • Dedication to achieving goals
    • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Professionalism - commitment to ethical standards and Integrity
    • Information analysis and decision making
    • Communication skills
  • Lead (Instructor) Pilot & Aircraft Commander

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    Job Objective


    Support, conduct, and supervise Kuwait Airforce S-92 Fleet (Customer) operations, provide trainings, develop and update training materials, manuals, operating, and emergency procedures


    Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities



    • Supervise and task Instructor Pilots and Crew Member Instructor as required in support of Customer’s Operations and Training.
    • Provide performance reports and feedback to Management and Instructors in accordance with GHC requirements.
    • Coordinate Leave and Work of all assigned personnel.
    • Normal S-92 A/C piloting duties Day and Night, IFR and VFR.
    • Instructional duties in the classroom and in the aircraft for all manner of S-92 Fleet operations.
    • Support VVIP Operations as required. Establish safe and professional VIP/VVIP flight operations.
    • Develop, continuously improve, and deliver training courses and materials under the direction of the Customer and Program Manager.
    • Conduct ground runs and test flights as required.
    • Assist with mission planning as required.
    • Advise on operational limitations.
    • Support internal and external reviews and meetings as required.
    • Maintain flight records and logbooks.
    • Maintain proficiency on the S-92.
    • Develop, publish, and update training materials, manuals, operating, and emergency procedures within set timelines as directed, and supervise other personnel assigned with these duties.
    • Continued upgrade of Customer’s SOP.
    • Maintain records for training materials, manuals, operating, and emergency procedures and their updates.
    • Conduct program courses and supervise instructors providing training as required for the Customer.
    • Maintain training records.
    • Maintain established standardized check ride and training procedures
    • Check accuracy of flight plans, performance data, and weight and balance information.
    • Assist with obtaining notice to airman (NOTAMS) and weather briefings.
    • Assist with the maintenance and the flight operations hazard map.
    • Ensure availability for Operations and Training as required by the Customer Operations.
    • Supervise and manage work and leave of assigned Instructors as required in GHC policy.
    • Other duties as assigned by the Program Manager and the Customer Squadron Commander.

    Performance Indicators

    • Number of hours flown without incidents vs. target number
    • Number of safety issues during flight encountered
    • Number of complaints from customer/passengers
    • Comply with Customer’s Special Operations Requirements.

    Qualifications, Experience & Skills 


    • S-92 Type Rating with valid ATPL(H) issued by ICAO member state, and Class 1 Medical / equivalent.
    • S-92 Instructor Rating or the equivalent certification by an ICAO member state.
    • S-92 Simulator Instructor certification.
    • S-92A Qualified Functional Check Pilot


    • Minimum of 2000 hours total helicopter time.
    • Minimum of 700 hours as PIC on Multi Engine helicopters.
    • Minimum of 500 hours PIC on the S-92 aircraft.
    • Minimum of 2 years instructional experience.

    Job-Specific Skills:

    • Desirable – NVG Instructional Experience
    • Desirable – Military Background
    • Competent with MS Power Point, MS Word, and MS Excel applications.
    • Good technical knowledge to be able to work closely with engineering department and understand all the issues clearly.
    • Good interpersonal Skills e.g., ability to speak to high level clients and internal customers.

      Decision Making Authority

    • Authorize people to board or not to board
    • Initiate improvements to flight safety procedures improvements
    • Authorize emergency procedures where applicable